Hey Pressto Conference 2021

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Copy of Ideas for submissions

We’re keen to be the best conference and best conference organisers we can be, and part of this is responding to feedback.  Some people have asked us what sort of stories and submissions we are looking for, so we thought we’d share some possible examples


You learned how to set up a shop on your site and got really excited at your first sale


You wrote a post and got lots of traffic, and maybe had to set up caching


You took a course and used your blog to help you reflect on what you had learned


You wrote a plugin which has allowed you to do something cool, and you’d like to share that.


You integrated WordPress with another web service via APIs


You set up a site for your charity or campaign and now awareness of your charity or campaign is much higher


You wrote a new theme and got it approved for others to use and you’d like to talk about it


You created a specialist content management system with using themes and plugins


You helped debug your first issue on the core project and want to share that process


You set up your first site and would like to talk through the process and offer help to others


You’re an expert blogger / developer and have some hints to share.


You’ve ran a course teaching using your site, and want to share your experiences


You’ve done a big digital humanities project on your site and want to share how you did it and what you have learned.


These are just a few of the ideas that you could submit. Remember we are happy to discuss ideas with you and help you develop them if you want us too, or you can submit your idea right away

Hey Pressto Conference 2021