Hey Pressto Conference 2021

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Hey Pressto! is a ClassicPress and WordPress conference held on Twitter.

Hey Pressto! presentations are made up of up to 15 tweets, one per minute.

Hey Pressto! aims and aspires and intends to be the most accessible conference we can be. If we can improve what we’re doing we’d be very grateful if you could share

Hey Pressto! would love to hear from you about your site or experiences. Got a site with a million posts. Amazing, please tell us more. Got a site with one brilliant post. Amazing, please tell us more. Done your first post. Amazing. Please tell us more. If you’ve done anything, amazing, please tell us more.

Hey Pressto! is for people who use ClassicPress or WordPress for anything, for developers making the amazing possible, for people running meetups and events, for people concerned about governance, and hopefully, and most importantly, for you.

Hey Pressto! appreciates we live in a world with vast structural inequalities, and we can’t fix those ourselves. We want to be an event where we can celebrate knowledge from under represented and overlooked voices.

Hey Pressto! runs for 12 hours, so hopefully you will have some time to join in or present wherever you are in the world.

Hey Pressto! welcomes submissions in any language and welcomes presentations in any language.

Hey Pressto! knows Twitter isn’t a great place for everyone, and we’ve got anonymous accounts people can use should they wish to

Hey Pressto! has a free and anonymous mentoring service you are welcome to use if you’d like help with your submission

Hey Pressto! submissions are 280 characters long – just like a tweet.

Hey Pressto! would love for you to visit our submission page (https://2020.heypresstoconf.org/submit/) and see if we can help you share your experience, knowledge and story.

Hey Pressto! hopes you’ll join us.

Hey Pressto! hopes you’ll tell your friends about Hey Pressto!

Hey Pressto! thanks you for reading this, and hopes you take care and have a great day.

Hey Pressto Conference 2021